Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The advertising campaigns are considered an art of the e-marketing arts. A lot of companies and services always fail to fulfill the desired results from the paid Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns because of the lack of the principles and essentials of this art that in turn should attract the user once he sees the ad and its details. With the enormous progress of the social networks role in the last period, these networks transferred to be almost like advertising networks. And here comes the advantage that represents a golden chance for the sites' owners.

The importance of advertising on the social networks isn't less than the importance of any other side of the e-marketing sides. An elaborate plan should be put and a good study of the addressed market and the potential clients on these networks should be made. After that, comes the idea of the advertisement that represents the essential factor in attracting the users and the clients and interacting with it.

Maybe the first purpose of the advertising campaigns on the social networks is to affect the ideas of the users through presenting the service or the product in an exceptional way. Hence, the first step in attracting the attention of the clients begins then the interaction with the advertisement.

That's why we use the best advertising ideas and the most influencing in the paid advertising campaigns in order to achieve all the desired goals from this campaign.

The most important and the most effective means of e-marketing

The Google AdWords advertisement always fulfill the desired goal, regarding reaching the desired market and the potential clients easily through deciding which of the platforms is the most suitable for putting the advertisement into, concerning the country, the language, the target words and those who are interested in the service.

Facebook Advertising

When we talk about the paid advertising campaigns on social communication networks, Facebook comes of course on the top of these networks due to the enormous number of users on this network of all ages and classes. We can reach the targeted class easily and with the lowest cost.

E-mail Marketing

The e-mail is the wind-mat of the internet. It is the lowest cost and most effective means. The statistics show that the number of people that use the email around the world has reached about one billion and five hundred million users. This colossal number makes the email a great opportunity for marketing.

SMS Marketing

Short text messages and what distinguishes it of speed, delivery guarantee and reading guarantee, qualifies them to enjoy a lot of advertising advantages. The most important advantage about marketing by short text messages is the reading guarantee, as the receiver of the messages usually reads them before deleting them.