Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Dedicated servers are considered the best solution to the sites of big size or large consumption of the server's resources. The private servers are also considered a more tolerating and a more independent environment than the one provided by the joint hosting, because the server works totally in a separate way and with an independent operating system and only has the site or sites of the client and all of that makes it the best choice for the large sites that need bigger advantages than the advantages of the joint hosting with the price that suits the service.

Dedicated Servers Features

  • We exert our best efforts to reach to best levels of service presented to our clients
  • An advanced observation system, through which we follow the stability of the servers
  • All our servers are from the biggest global datacenters
  • High specifications that match the quality standards and in competitive prices
  • An advanced system for following up the monthly Bandwidth consumption
  • A professional team in managing servers to serve your server
  • Re-operating the servers through the clients' zone